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elegantly wasted.

till then, love.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

i havent been writing.

everytime i wanted to write something, i would tell myself "wait till xxx gets settled, and then i'll write the whole story and it'll end with good news, a happy ever after story".

like for example, the story of my princess sarah. its been a month since i saw her. she has disappeared from our lives and it was so sudden, the whole family is still in a daze and trying our best to have her in our arms again. hari raya came and went without her, and now we're told we would have to wait 2 more weeks before there is a chance of getting her back.

another story, i went for another interview (my 3rd one?) and i was told to wait for 2 weeks for the outcome. 2 weeks passed and there were no news, so i called and was told they need a few more days till the end of that week. till date, 3 weeks has passed and still no news. i emailed today and i got an auto-reply saying she is out of the office till 1 Nov.

and then there's the endless story of finding the one, only to have obstacles along the way, sometimes unavoidable, sometimes plain stupid, but most times, the fault lies within me. chronic dissatisfaction? naah, thats an easy excuse.

so until i find a good enough reason, a wonderful closure to the stories, something that would make a good ending with wonderful photos of shiny happy people, i am not going to write about it.

but then again, life is a journey, a wonderful cliche. i have other nonsense to write about. till then, you take care princess. busu miss you lots. with love, i hope you're safe, warm and laughing.
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