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.::z. 8/8.

elegantly wasted.

august angst

Thursday, August 07, 2008

posted by zul, 2:36 PM


Happy 35th Birthday!!! Best wishes for whatever u do and may all things go well for you this year...
Hv a great day!!! And a fabulous year ahead... Be it in happiness, health, career, family, love, friendship...
commented by Blogger casio_888, 12:24 AM  
Happy Birthday
commented by Blogger limt, 9:56 PM  
happy birthday to you !

your ex-colleague/jogger :)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:25 AM  

Happy Birthday.... may the year ahead be a wonderful one for you....
commented by Anonymous Isniati, 6:18 PM  
happy belated birthday to you!

my fault, my fault....
commented by Anonymous Voo, 11:33 AM  
faye wong called me to relate this message.. she thanked you for wishing her happy birthday and appreciate of you thinking so much of her..
commented by Blogger Leon Koh, 1:22 AM  

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