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sun's up

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the tan line on my wrist bears testimony to the many hours i've spent under the hot scorching sun riding back and forth on my bike, swimming laps, running along beaches, climbing walls and rowing the rivers of kallang.

it has lead to the following results from the latest health screening i went to last week.

hmm i gained about 2kg already
body fat down to 13.9% (used to be over 20)
fat mass: 11.3kg

desirable bodyfat range: 17-23%
desirable fat mass: 14.4kg to 21.0kg

does this mean that if i hit those targets, i'd be desirable?

predicted weight: 87.7kg
predicted fat mass: 17.5kg
fat to gain: 6.2kg

gosh, i SO do not need another 6.2kg of fats, no ma'am.

posted by zul, 2:48 PM


YOU DO need the fats!!
commented by Anonymous rin, 11:01 AM  
wahahahha noooooooo!!!
commented by Blogger zul, 11:49 AM  

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