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the sweet initial

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i've waited 10mths for this.

it was a quick first meeting. at midnight. at your void deck. in 10mins, i formed a good first impression of you.

and then i waited a week before i saw you again.

we went out on saturday. we had soup. we walked around town. we shared a slice of green tea cake and exchanged short stories. and then we enjoyed sex (and the city).

the very next sunday morning, we ran at east coast with 9000 other people. the passion run. i ran smiling. the timing was ok. 15km in 1:24:33. a simple breakfast, and then, on my bike, i felt you behind me for the first time. blush.

wanna have dinner later? sure.

starbucks. slippers. feet up on the chair. getting more comfy. i wanted to ask for a kiss goodnite. wanted to, but did not.

monday, we took a break.

tuesday, punggol. i havent been back there for almost a year. one of those places i avoid. its a minefield.

wait. minefield? what minefield?

it rained heavily. everybody took shelter at the bus stop. i cursed under my breath. *wonderful*. the bus came and then suddenly, it was just the 2 of us. a quick glance around, a quick glance at you, and then i knew this was the moment.

kiss? *smile*. lips. tongue.

kissed. and kissed. and kissed. the rain stopped. a quick cup of warm coffee at jalan kayu, and a quick kiss goodnite under your block.

lets meet again tomorrow.. alright!

wednesday. east coast. secluded breakwater. i think we're alone now.

look at the stars. look at the moon. look at us, holding hands, sharing our thoughts, and sharing our warmth.

thursday. "i cant believe we did so much last nite". we both couldnt wake up on time. i reached office late, u took MC.

wanna have lunch? sure. u wanna come down my office? of course.

i showed you around where i work, where i eat, where i spend 8.5hrs of my time mondays to fridays.

and then off you go again, for another week.

day 4 without you. its like a hunger pang.

i ran the mt faber run 10km in 57mins yesterday. the climb uphill was excruciating. but the view in my head was fantastic.

something tells me i'm into something good.
posted by zul, 10:44 PM


commented by Blogger baGelGirl, 8:37 PM  
Hope all's Superb for you and your special someone...
commented by Blogger casio_888, 11:48 PM  
how are you and your initial going?
hope everything is cool
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:20 PM  

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