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Monday, April 21, 2008

I was riding my bike to work a couple of days ago and I casually glanced at the speedometer. The digital display says, at that very moment, "80,000km". And then within a minute, it added in another km. 80.001.

During the rest of the journey, numbers kept swirling thru my head. 80,000km. Over a period of 4.5years. The same no of years I was in a relationship with you. I thought about the time I first saw you, I was sitting on this bike, and you ran across the street and said hi to me. How you were my very first pillion rider, and subsequently, my constant companion, going everywhere with you, night and day, rain or shine, day in, day out.

My constant companion. I'm so used to having you by my side, I still find it hard to shake off the idea of having someone else. I still look for you wherever I go, I still see your face in the crowd. Its funny, during a recent trip to KL with my buddy, as he was walking towards the wrong direction, when I wanted to call out for him, I shouted out your name instead, loudly, firmly, and when I realised it, I stood there dumbfounded, amazed about how you still linger around me no matter where I go.

The distance from Singapore to KL is 325 km. Total road length in SG is 3144km. Circumference of the earth: 40,076km.

That means I've ridden my bike around the globe twice over. And perhaps, even if I continue to go around the world trying to forget you, you'll still be in my mind. Its a scary thought but its something real and its something I have to deal with.

A dear friend recently commented about how I am so much cockier these days. More uncouth, crass, boorish. Maybe because I've become more confident, maybe I'm discovering more things now and have only started to realise the potential that was never there previously. Or maybe its because of the simple fact that, I am just trying to harden my heart and not be the wimpy weak Zul anymore so that if you ever do come back to my life, I'd be ready. In the meantime, I'll just keep on searching and letting life lead and teach me.

Or maybe its time to restart from 0km.
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change is good

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

spotted! at a bakery near bukit merah ntuc.

was: $1.20.
now: $1.20!

hurry hurry before the price goes back to... $1.20!
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so random

Thursday, April 10, 2008

random pics, random thoughts, from the past couple of months.

1) went back home early one day, and saw princess sarah lying down on her tummy, with outstretched arms and cheeks touching the cold bare floor. i moved closer and noticed that she was fast asleep. mom said that its her favourite spot and position whenever she wants to catch a few zzzs. and then i realised, she's just like me. my style. i carried her into the room and then she continued her nap on my bed.

2) the aussies and lions chasing after a ball on a moon- (and floodlight-) lit evening at the national stadium. the attendance wasnt fantastic but the atmosphere was still very much alive.

3) a scene at the ntuc fairprice bt merah branch. and this is the very day that the straits times reported in its headlines, "singapore has enough rice supplies" and some minister saying, there is no need to stock up. DO NOT PANIC, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

4) an indian buffet spread outside q's friend's house, celebrating her 1mth old baby. catered from riverwalk tandoor restaurant. the guilt was somewhat lessened cos we ate right after spin and pump classes at the gym.

5) i *SO*want this on my (future) car! its sooo cool! and yes, congrats, liverpool, on your 9th UEFA semifinal.

6) poor uncle sleeping. this is the same one that i helped to go pee recently. its really unfortunate. he should be lying on a comfortable bed.

the next few pics are taken during my KL trip with leon over last weekend. not your usual holiday photos, just some random observations. will write about the trip soon.

7) BAB1 on the streets near midvalley megamall. tak halal seh. but bab1, i'm yours. (click on the pic to see license plate larger)

8) apparently there is a new category of books, i spotted this one at kinokuniya KLCC, but if i'm not wrong, the bookshops here have started this section too in their stores. chick lit. maybe i should start writing chick lit as well. huge market. huge.

9) dear customer (there's only 1 hur hur), promoter will be backed (the backup is on her way) in an hour ('s) time. at isetan lot 1.

10) oddly, the moment i stepped into the boys' room of st francis xavier's church, i went WHOA, i'm in primary school! i havent seen this type of urinal for sooo long. flashbacks. of times long ago.

that's all folks. for now.
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