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ok, i forgot again

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

- Mr Voo is now a proud father of a healthy baby girl, Alethea Voo Sze Leng. If I remember correctly, daddy told me that the name means Truth in Greek. Let the truth be known then! Happy for you, Voo. Please name your next offspring Deja. :)

- I was introduced/got to know/met with a bunch of new people. Some I met one-on-one, some of them were disasters, some I thank my lucky stars that they came into my life at this time. I wont be the shy one that decline party invitations and avoid groups anymore. I'm having fun, yessaaaaah!

- Its 200f7. I'll post more soon. Procrastination is NOT one of my new year resolution.
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ok, i forgot

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I havent written in ages. Time for bullet points.

- I ran at 2 more events, the 2nd Link Bridge Run (12 Nov) and the Standard Chartered Marathon (3 Dec). 10km and 21km respectively. First time running a half-marathon, I clocked 2hrs29mins. Wasnt as bad as I expected. But next yr, next year.. I will most definitely try the full marathon, god willing.

- I moved house. Still in Pasir Ris though. From Drive 6 to St 11. It has been 3 weeks and I still dont have a wardrobe in my bedroom. Just bought one 2 days ago, it'll be delivered soon. Yipee! (Afternote: wardrobe delivered, come come see it!)

- The bike is back! After 3 weeks of intensive makeover, Mr Varadero came back in a new matt black suit and some bling-bling accesories thingie. New chain and sprocket and .. I dont know what else. But it's working fabulously. I love my bike. ((Vara))

- Geez i'm sure a lot of other things happened but since I havent been writing, its.. stuck.. somewhere. I'll write as and when.

Till then,

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