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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

its been a while since i wrote. a long while.

so long, i dont even know where to begin now. so many things happened of cos, and we're already entering february of 2009. so i'm gonna write about random things. and if this gets too long, its cos i lack the time to make it short.

sarah turned 3 on sunday. a simple celebration at mr teh tarik tampines. blackforest cake, butter cereal prawn, milo dinosaur. and then after that, we sent her back to her mom. see u again next weekend, princess.

i've been travelling quite a bit. malacca, KL, kota kinabalu, batam, and numerous JB trips. the flight to cambodia in late apr has already been confirmed. mt bromo looks promising in july. pics up on facebook :)

i was in another motorbike accident last mth. was on MC for 3 weeks. it has become somewhat an annual ritual since 2004. i've gone public while the bike is still in the traffic police compound. i hate waiting for the buses and trains. called up the bike workshop today but no one picked up the phone. still closed for CNY i guess.

looking forward to Mr A-Z in march. i so know which cap to wear for the concert.

there u go. my first token entry for 2009. i might just self-impose a minimum 1-entry-per-week rule. a lot happened in 2008 that were not recorded down in bits and bytes. they will remain in my head until my memory fails me.

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