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elegantly wasted.

rock on

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i tried rock climbing for the first time on saturday. managed to rush and reach safra yishun just in time to meet q, sha and mike. exhilarating! and the best part is, i didnt even have to take the prerequisite $75 course. i used sha's safra card and the 'adventure specialist' didnt ask for the cert when i collected the harness and shoes ;)

was a little stressful at first, fell a couplea times, sweat buckets, moved on to the first wall and finally reached the peak after observing how others climbed. its like orgasm! 3 times in an hour! i felt like a teenager again hur hur. i'm gonna so make this a regular routine till i conquer the other tougher, higher walls.

there's always room at the top, dont let them tell u that there is not

friday was spent organising all my business documents neatly, categorising them, putting them in clear folders, and with the laptop, they look so much more professional in the new timbuk2 bag. it used to be loose papers all over the place, i got remarked by a client once about how it looked juvenile. so that very same nite i met another client with the new getup and a deal was closed seamlessly! i hope there are no more incidents of lappy drops and riding the bike with the bag feels so snug. thanks heaps buddy matt for letting me use your card to get the discount for the bag. i'll fix up your extra RAM soon for u.

if u wanna be professional, u gotta look professional
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show me the greenstuff

Friday, February 15, 2008

i love green tea everything, apparently.

so being inspired by the condom, this week i tried the new green tea latte from starbucks, and had green tea muffins from breadtalk.


"lord, keep my memory green" ~ charles dickens
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that's so zen

Monday, February 04, 2008

they've finally did it.

green tea flavoured condom. i was just *waiting* for this to happen.

tea, anyone? its full of cathecins. its good for u.
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