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elegantly wasted.

monthly roundup

Thursday, January 31, 2008

last day of january 2008.

it has been a good start to the year. this month,

1) i've gotten the most commisions so far
2) i went on a trip with q to avoid one of those little timebombs. for the first time in 5years, it came and went without a sms/call/email. i dont know how to feel. the trip was eventful though, my wallet got stolen, we were made to run around 2 police stations, but the wallet was eventually found "in a rubbish bin" at the same place later that night. how odd. my green pair of havaianas were not recovered though. *wail*. it was q's berday gift to me dammit.
3) jb trips with q has become somewhat of a regular routine. petrol and stomach topup. cheap.
4) i started dragonboating again. for the first time in my life, we rowed all the way to the merlion, and the boat glided under its vomit. to the cheers of sunday tourists, we were blessed by the icon and got drenched. captain said "the lion has washed away all your sueys!" amen to that.
5) i was confirmed at work. got the card, the benefits, the leave.
6) i finally see the numbers going down, after 6 mths of living credit free.
7) saiful got married. i wish you and wifey all the happiness in the world.
8) sarah turned 2. muaaacks princess. u're amazing.
9) i've ignored u for 6mths. they say time is a healer. its healing.
10) movies are aplenty leading up to the oscars. so far, the best movie i've seen this month is atonement. go watch it. (tonight the barber of fleet street is waiting for me, and good luck suk on the cafe opening!)
11) i've made some friends. i look forward to wnp and chatting as if we are, but we are not.
12) i've established a regular weekly exercise schedule. swim, run, pump, spin. i wanna climb soon.

february, i will use all of your 28 days to the fullest.
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happy berfday 2u!

Monday, January 28, 2008

happy berfday sarah! she's 2 yrs old :)

ok she doesnt look too happy in that pic cos she was under the hot sun for abt 2 hrs walkin around nagoya and jodoh in batam following us around shopping. well, actually i carried her almost all the way though. this is back at the hotel room. but she was happy after that :)

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the moon is a harsh mistress

Thursday, January 24, 2008

did u guys looked up at the moon tonight?

i was riding back home on the ECP just now, at about 930pm, and i stopped a few times along the way to marvel at it. it was full, and it was very low.
it was so low, it looked as if it was hovering amongst the buildings.

it was so low, i thought someone was sittin at the park flashing a huge spotlight up towards the sky.

it was so low, it could have been mistaken as a blimp or a zeppelin or the latest singapore attraction flying tourists over the skyline.

too bad i didnt have a SLR camera with me. this is the best that i could capture, and it does not do the beauty of the moon justice.

i crave to have someone sharing these moments with me.
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heath, i swear...

goodbye, ennis del mar.

that final scene and those final words "jack, i swear..." kept me wondering for a long time (heck, even up till now), what ennis wanted to say. heartwrenching. "you know i aint queer"...

title of blog courtesy of qh

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thd on cnn!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i logged on to msn when i reached the office this morning and sofian was online and he was excited abt how his blog, the human defect, was showcased on CNfN's website!!! here's proof!


wahhahaha! he gets his 15mins of fame! CNN LEHHHH... here's the link to his blog. read his anfield reports. only if u're a liverpool fan :)
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take me away

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

last yr, i posted a pic of me jumping on the streets of holland v with a bunch of mostly strangers, to usher in 2007. later that nite, chaos ensued. they're best forgotten.

one year has passed. this yr, to welcome 200f8, i did something different.

wasted cousins

it was impressive. the motley crew rented a generator that provided lights and music that lasted the whole nite. didnt matter that the fireworks were out of sight, we created our own.

i passed out on the breakwater from 3-4am, woke up with a chill, so i dragged myself into the tent that my cuzz built. he followed inside and we laughed so hard, it hurts. the hp became the source of a fuckin hilarous banter, as was the memories of good ol times. "ni cam kat melaka dulu", he said. indeed, it was. we passed out again abt 6am.

i woke up to mazzy star's 'fade into you', with the image of the band standing on the breakwater, spreading their arms out with the wind blowing in from the bay. it was a moment alright.

may we get what we deserve this year.

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constant craving

Friday, January 04, 2008

finally.. after hearing about it so much and after waiting for so long.. i finally tasted them tonight.

thanks so much ida and hubby joey! i had 3, ate the glazed one before snapping the 2nd pic.

on the subject of food not found in singapore, take a look at these mcdonald's pies.

banana pie's sold in malaysia, and i had the taro pie in krabi.

good start to 2008 begins with the stomach!
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