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.::z. 8/8.

elegantly wasted.

i should!

Friday, November 23, 2007

what a comedy of errors this morning. within such a short period of time.

i set my alarm clock at 5am, but only got up at 537am, panicking. i was late for the 7am pump class at the gym. should i? shouldnt i? dont be lazy. i should.

i got up, brushed my teeth, took a quick shower, went back to my bedroom. put on my pants. my body ached. i feel drained. its late. should i? shouldnt i? i shouldnt.

i took off my pants, went back to bed. tossed. turned. i cant get back to sleep. should i? shouldnt i? i could still make it for class if i hurry. i should!

so i got up, put on my clothes, rushed out, walked to the bus stop. 555am. where the hell is the feeder bus? 6am. there it is. i flagged it down. the bus stopped in front of me. i reached into my back pocket. where the fish is my wallet?? i must have left it at home. i waved apologetically to the driver. should i? shouldnt i? i shouldnt.

it wasnt meant to be. i walked back to my block, cursing, swearing. oh well. maybe i could get another hour of much-needed sleep.

i reached the void deck. i rummaged through my bag. aaaaaah there it is. my wallet. 605am. should i? shouldnt i? i should.

i'm wide awake now. even if i cant make it for class, i can do something else.

i ran back to the bus stop. 610am. the bus arrived at 612am. reached the mrt station, train set off at 627am.

should i? shouldnt i? zzzzz. next stop, bugis. pump. run.

i am badly in need of a cruising for a bruising. tonight!
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they're all the same

Thursday, November 22, 2007

found this after posting the entry below. sneakers are sneakers. bah!

afternote: abt 85% of the votes so far has chosen mr orange kayano. i'm a bit swayed towards the red nimbus though. only one thing left to do. to actually put them both on and let my feet decide.
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orange or red?

i'm torn between these 2 lovelies.

meet mr kayano VII (orange) and mr nimbus 9 (red). they're both from the asics clan. mr kayano retails at $264 and mr nimbus, although the newer model, goes at $243. both are isetan prices though, i heard you can get up to 30% discounts at some shops at queensway. i have to get one of them by saturday latest. then i can run in them on my (planned) 20-30km route on sunday morning at east coast. that should be my final long run before the actual marathon on 2 dec. might get them tomorrow once my salary is credited in.

my old pair of adidas has served its duties well for the past 1.5yrs and now it is begging to be retired. mr adidas was with me through 2 half marathons and many many other runs. i was adviced to get 2 pairs of running shoes cos i run often and my mileage is pretty high. i still have the 20% discount off adidas products from my stanchart registration, and 30% off NB goodies from my real run. maybe i ought to use either one of them and spend a little from the bonus in dec to get a 2nd pair.

but for now, i dream of nimbus and kayano. orange and red. running awaaayyy.
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the memory of running

Monday, November 12, 2007

i got into an accident last week. fell off my bike. i am grateful to aeiziyan for picking me up from the accident scene, driving me to the clinic, waiting till i was done with the doctor, buying some much needed bandages and tape, and then driving me home and making sure i'm up the lift. thanks bro. thanks heaps.

well the wound is drying up pretty well. i've been spinning with q the past week, i know i know, i should be resting the leg. i guess i'm just very worried i'd lose my stamina if i stop any form or cardio. spinning doesnt really move the feet much, its basically stationary, only the knees move. the marathon's only 3 weeks away and just before the accident i was picking up speed, running 12km in under an hour for 3 days in a row, and was about to go for my 30k run. and now this. how depressing.

yesterday's sunday times guide to surviving the marathon writes "time to reduce training". sigh. ok that's it. i think i'm ready to run again. tomorrow i'm gonna hit the treadmill and do a trial run. start off slowly and gradually increase the distance if the feet allows. if nothing starts to ooze out or break into pieces, i'll do my 30k by end of this week and then start to taper off the distance till race day.
while at the topic, i took part in a couple of runs since the last update. the pictures are out.

R: AHM 21k, L: Real Run 15k

Aaah. the memory of running. which is, incidentally, a book that drey bought for me last year, and which i've yet to finish reading. in due time, of course. i've been reading other books lately, of which the titles i'm not comfortable in stating here, lest i'll be stoned to death. but a hint: here's something that i saw on a website which got me into stitches. "atheism: a non-prophet organisation".


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lunchtime netcrawling and wiki-ing

Thursday, November 01, 2007

the topic of today's lunchtime netcrawling is.. running shoes.

1) 'saucony is pronounced: saw - co - knee. it is named after the Saucon River in Pennsylvania and means "swiftly running waters."' finally! i've been trying to find out how to pronounce that correctly for so longggg.. saw-co-knee.

2) do u know that the founders of adidas and puma are brothers? adidas is named after its founder adolf (adi) dassler. his brother, rudolf dassler, founded puma. and oh. they're german. with a name like adolf, who could tell?

3) new balance is american - and proud of it. they pride themselves in having their shoes made in the US of A, unlike all the other brands who have moved their production plants elsewhere, esp in cheap Asia.

4) asics is japanese, as is mizuno. ok mizuno sounds japanese, but i didnt know asics was.

5) reebok is british, the name comes from Afrikaans/Dutch spelling of rhebok, a type of african antelope or gazelle. original name: mercury sports. adidas bought over reebok in 2006.

6) umbro is british too, and just last month, nike bought over the company.

7) lotto is italian, and it is as old as me.

8) the name brooks was selected by its founder morris goldenberg as an anglicized substitute for his wife’s maiden name of bruchs. awww.. its american.

9) fila has changed nationality 3 times. originally italian and founded in 1911, it was sold to a US company in 2003, but in 2007 the global fila brand was acquired by fila korea, which now holds rights to the worldwide use of footwear and apparel brands of the parent firm.

ok what did i miss out?
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