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.::z. 8/8.

elegantly wasted.


Monday, September 17, 2007

you give sweet, and how easily, i, i fall deep
your touch pours like honey on my skin, smooth it lingers
you, the cure and the cause
of my blues

your sea it can be freezing, i thought I'd float
i sink deeper blue, by you i'm consumed
oh i'm such a fool thinking i won't get caught in your downhill flow
swept away, what good is a beautiful day, i'm alone

you keep needing, keep calling
the cure and the cause
you keep needing, keep calling
even from a shut door
you step from view
can still see you, your shadow tells me more

just a few things before i head on my way
you are wonderful and good when you want to be
you are what i want but not what i need
and you are no good for me
but you are the cure, oh yeah, and you are the cause of my blues
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