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elegantly wasted.

its not that i dont care

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i found somebody new
though you mustn't believe, that means i'm over you
i know that in time, we'll figure it out, you'll read my mind
and though i'll wait for that day without making a sound
i dont want to be the one who's letting you down
i just want you to know, the reason behind the rhyme

love is not black and white
you'd believe that its true, if you saw me tonight
i struggle with what is real, but the logical side doesnt stop what i feel
and though you're holding your breath to be given a sign
your heart cannot be broken in pieces like mine
i just want you to know, the reason behind the rhyme

its not that i didnt have the time, didnt have the love
i just didnt have the strength not to fall apart
its not that i dont care, its just i wouldnt dare
cause i just dont have the heart

loving you was more than i could stand
i was scared my heart was in your hand
but i know now, i figured it out, beyond a shadow of a doubt
i must let go
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