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m18 post

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ho Ho I'm sad boo hoo but wtf something's wrong with me so sunny happy days are here again! Focus in, focus out, zoom away, fly high, look down, be amazed, realise the stupidity. Family, friends, work. Places to go!!!!! I dream of californication. Stadium arcadium here I come and mellon collie of the infinte sadness has been replaced with the serpent that rises in the East. BE the BITCH. I've got bigger things to worry about, like KFC. K*f*FC. Its finger-lickin bad for me! Well, at least according to a CNN report. Goodness, I thought they were pressure-cooked or something? Without frying. At least the ads gave me the impression. Whatever. Its World Cup season. Fworld fcup.

Airfield (east) and airfield (west) coffeeshops, both at Changi Village, are the places to be, and so off we go every weekend to watch the action on the big Samsung screen. Milo-peng, horlicks-peng, teh-c-peng. England sucks and Korea rocks, but its still early. Its a distraction... "I need some distraction, oh beautiful release.. and the memory seep from my veins. In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness..." btw there is an Airfield (bedok) too. Liverpool's lark flies high and says, "This, is Airfield (not Anfield)."

Grocery shopping is fun. You get to see your food and basic necessities neatly stacked up, rows and rows of bliss. Been to carrefour and NTUC quite a lot lately, with ppl that truly matters. A friend who grocery shops with you, understands you. Let me loose in Carrefour Suntec and I can while away 3 hours, coming out fascinated with the wonderful selection of snacks enough to last me only 3 days. Oh btw I came upon something there last Sunday.. something I saw a long time ago. Managed to snap a pic of it this time.

Arent they cheap pukis.. no offence guys (and esp girls). I am not making anything up, I'm just .. reporting. I didnt get a chance to take a pic of the Durian Pukis though.. although I can imagine them to be tasty, and moist. Methinks Bengawan has been Solo for too long. Back to the recipe board! The world awaits for your next creation. Something for the ladies this time?

Well until next time, here's a thought.. borrowing Lipton's ad... Good things grow.
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turtle and rabbit

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey check these out..

Classic ah! I went to Dover to get breakfast a few days ago and saw the playground.. it was like omfg whoa flashback to the 80s! Felt like taking off my shoes and hopping on to that.. that.. whats that structure anyway? The first pic.. But i remember being able to get up thru that hole on top and lifting myself up to the "roof" for the first time.. felt like I was on top of the world, looking, down on creations and the only explanation I can find etc etc..

And whats with the turtle and rabbit in the 2nd pic? They were everywhere back then but now I think those 2 are the only remaining ones in Singapore. They are like the guardians of the playground. For those who grew up in the 80s, remember crawling under the turtle's shells and chilling out inside it? The boys would piss under the rabbit and be proud of it. I beg the powers that be to designate this playground as part of Singapore's Heritage Site. They really dont make them like they used to... Kids today have no idea what they're missing..
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