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.::z. 8/8.

elegantly wasted.

happy bird-day

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It was mom's birthday on the 16th, and father's day on the 17th. So Allan and I decided to give them a lunch treat at the Rice Table. Le food ->

And this is how shocked my mom was when she looked at the bill.

Kidding lah. On the subject of food, I mentioned before I got 2 molars extracted. Here they are, pieces of me. Shattered.

Sakit AH!
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who's biting now?

Monday, June 18, 2007

This is scary. I thought only kids wearing imitations will get their "Crocs" caught in escalators.

I'm an adult wearing originals. And it happened to me. I was on the MRT escalator when halfway up I felt a sudden tug on my right sandal, I looked down and lo and behold, my Croc was caught in the grooves, and helplessly it couldn't bite back! I panicked, slipped my foot off and my sandal, trapped in the fangs of the bigger metal croc, travelled all the way up and got stuck when it hit the top level. I ran up and pulled it out, and .. look at that!

So the reports on the newspapers are true.. be careful with your Crocs out there man, reality bites.
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june seh

Friday, June 15, 2007

eh, write about something lah.

something, anything.

too many things.

a rare pic of me having "fun" at work. we had a fastest finger contest. sms lah. singaporeans sure win one.

many other things happened at work lately. kevin quit. i had to take over some of his systems. a new girl is coming in next week. a manager in my dept drowned at the pool. i went for a 3 days course, taught by 2 italians; elisabetta and leonardo.

i was on 5 days mc a few weeks ago to get 2 teeth extracted. 2 molars, not wisdom, mind you. i was on 3 days mc this week for an eye infection.

will write more about these later.

for now, ok i'm happy i wrote something.

its the weekend lah. lazy.
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